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Ok. So, themed weddings (hello, again!)

The theme i’m most enamored with is 1940s glam. I have fun ideas about using WWII propaganda, thematic music, breaking into dance lessons midway– having the groomsmen dress like flyboys and the girls in my party be all Andrews Sisters glam.

I’ve read about bride’s that went all out with this theme and got married on a battle cruiser, which I think is totally kick ass and admirable, but I will not be so bold and adventurous. I do think I want to encourage guests to play dress up (because come on, dress up is fun), but I don’t want to pretend its the 1940s with rationing and what not. I want to have all the glam without the unfortunate conditions of WWII conditions. So we’ll not be rationing, but it might be fun to do something with war ration stamps or something… still brainstorming on that particular idea…

I like the look of 1940s design:

Which I think would be fun to use in Save the dates, invites, and table number decor– I just like the look of them, and the use of color and proportion. What do you think– is 1940s fun or overdone?


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