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So last night I had some friends over and made dinner. With dinner, I had some awesome wine, and once I finished my first glass I started to feel all chatty– a characteristic I have when not influenced by wine, but amplified after one glass. I shared with my amigos that I’d started this blog.  The couple has been dating less time than me and my amore (I have yet to come up with some cute and catchy anon-name for my guy, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something darling, just you wait, right now let’s just call him FFI– future fiance), but all in all I felt they seemed to think my little renegade blog was pretty cool, or at least a novel idea. The chick in the relationship waited until my guy went out to flip something on the grill to ask the requisite “when do you think it’s going to happen!” and I told her that I thought it was soon, but then again, I’m super optimistic and anticipate engagement at every. single. possible. turn.

She said she’d chat more about it later with me, but later on in the evening she shared how they’d pretty much laid the foundation for their future nuptuals, down to budget and proposed location. A month or so into their dating she’d told me what kind of ring she wanted, so I felt like I’m not alone. If you know it’s a meant to be kind of thing, you just know. It’s like those romantic movies where the title characters fall in love and tell their friends “you just know!” or “when you know, you know,” and seriously, while it’s a cliche, cliches are cliches because they are true. Facts. It’s honest to God truthiness.

Anyway, her wedding sounds pretty nice. We swapped some details as our intended future husbands kind of looked over our heads in confusion. I can tell my BF really loves me because he supports my every crazy whim. After they left, we talked about their imaginary wedding and our imaginary wedding and it was nice. There’s something about weddings that half imaginary that is totally un-stressful and pleasant. We might be able to go through the whole process with everything in our heads until it lands on our calendar date, and start a new fad because of the ease in our wedding-planning execution. It could happen.



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