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I am in love with Monique Luillier. In my opinion, her wedding gowns rock, and I want to have one.  Let me confess that I am NOT a fashionista girl. I don’t lust after clothes, I don’t go to websites and think “I want this” on a regular basis. The only clothing site I go to and lust after stuff is Banana Republic but I usually leave crying on the inside because I can’t afford anything there. Also, they make clothes for small, skinny, beautiful people and I’m afraid if I were to try to mount these beautiful things upon my husky body then they would rip.

Anyway, so I love Monique L– we’ll just call her ML for now on, because her name is kind of hard to spell and for years I pronounced it wrong. I added some imaginary “R” in there. It’s pronounced Lilly-eh for those who are interested. But if you’re not, I understand.

When it comes to gowns, I like lace. I also like a bit of a cap sleeve, and I like bows.  This dress makes me swoon a little:

FFI does not like a)lace and b) sleeves very much. I’m sure he also doesn’t care for the $$$$ price indicator (basically a mil) .He’s more into the Ruched thing. He sees lots of brides and these are the dresses he always says he thinks are pretty. He may like this dress, but it’s not really my style:

I like this one….

Look at the back. Totally lovely:

That’s so pretty. I also like this “classic” ML dress with the big sash. I’d like for my sash to either be butter yellow or sage green, I have not decided yet.

My most favorite of the ML’s is the Swan Lake gown– one my M.L. barbie proudly wears. I love this gown. Remember that movie “honey I shrunk the kids” where in the sequel they made things really big? Man, I wish i had a big zapper thing to make this dress my size and fit me. DREAMS.

So freakin pretty.

Either way, I don’t think I can afford the real deal so I’m considering having my dress made. It will probably be a combination of all the above components (sans Ruching– i think it will make me look like a lovable but fluffy fat little piglet). Now, I need to go about finding out how to make this happen– I want great quality and to work with someone with vision and expertise. Thoughts?


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