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The above “shiver” refers to that bone chilling shudder that runs through your body when you think of dieting. I am thinking of it, and I am hard core shivering over here in mad fear.

Seeing as how the wedding is a year off (yeah, I like it that my IW is totally something that is “real” in my mind, and FFI seems cool with the date so we’re moving ahead in earnest on this thing) I am making a list of important To-Dos. These include:

– Make a real budget <– ugh.
– Start coming up with all my paper design ideas <– too many to count
– make about a bazil. inspiration boards
– go on a diet

I am realistic with myself here, people. I have a hard time losing the weight. You know that P-90x thing? Still no progress. Maybe its the fear of picking up weights or, to be honest, sweating– because, ew… anyway, there’s a myriad of reasons, most of which can be traced back to LAZINESS and my affinity for SLEEPING instead of working out.

So, because I can admit that working out is going to take time to build up to, I am going to start small with a diet plan. This diet plan is going to make me evaluate all the food I currently take in. Foods like (but not limited to): peanuts, vanilla syrup in my coffee in the morning from Starbucks, sweet tea, larded goods such as fried chicken strips <– love, french fries, mexican food in general, cheese, chocolates, cookies, cakes, sugar, cupcakes, sugar again, because it should be on here twice.

I refuse to be a flat out liar and include the items that I know I’ll never exclude: wine, margaritas <- love more than chicken strips, good substitute, imperial coffee stouts, coffee in general, alcohol in general. I like the empty calories of alcohol. And I refuse to compromise on that area.

Ugh. I want to be svelte and gorgeous on my day but omg right now all I can think about is eating a fried lard chicken sandwich. God help me. I need some kind of divine intervention or there’s no way I’m going to lose any weight.

Maybe I ought to rethink that whole exercise thing.


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