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Ok, so who’s with me on loving the idea of a themed wedding?! I am. Not like pirates or anything (no offense if your wedding theme was pirates). I am actually thinking of having a “period” wedding. I’ve been to oodles of weddings where midstream people are like “what do we do now” and then make a beeline to the bar to get drunk and then dance obnoxiously on the dance floor all dirty-like, before assaulting a bridesmaid or making an attempt to crowd surf over your less imbibed guests. As charming and fun as that sounds, I am not so interested in that particular scene playing out.

Personally, I love the idea of a wedding that is interactive and keeps your guests on their toes. I want my wedding to be a little bit like disneyland, where every ride and area is a new adventure. Part of me thinks elbow macaroni art and hand-turkeys would be really fun, but the theme is not playschool wedding. It’s not really even disneyland. I kind of use Disneyland like a mecca because I have never been, and in my imagination it’s like the most wonderful place on earth. Which is due largely to the fact that their marketing pieces lead you to believe that it’s really magical and wonderful and fabulous in every way. FFI has been there before and seems kind of meh about it, but me, I’m still in that place where it’s only in my mind and imagination and thus wonderful, so…

ok, tangent much?

So, I think a themed wedding can be really fun. It  can be a means to roll in decor and concept and food and festivities so that you can delight your guests and make your wedding very memorable. That’s my goal: memorable. It’s not so much about how much money we spend, or how many people come or how awesome my ML inspired dress is, it’s more about how much fun everyone had and how in love FFI are and how great everyone’s time is. I know that the theme idea could be kind of cheesy–quick, google themed wedding– scary photos!:

Pantomime theme: not really sure that this one is a wedding, but check out those dresses. Woah. I kind of like the idea of liverly for dudes, though

Starwars themed. Fun, right? Dude with the mask must be really hot. How can he even see his bride?  Who is she supposed to be? I mean, obs that Princess L. is marrying the fishman to her, but who is she? Star Wars fans, please help.

FFI would be all about a Halo Themed wedding. I would not show up, as I find Halo very violent and disturbing. He understands my feelings and will not play when I’m around. True Story.

I’m assuming the above theme is pirates.  Walk the plank, matey!

So, themed weddings? Totally lame or SIGN ME UP TO BE A GUEST AT YOUR FAB AFFAIR NOW!!!


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