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You have maybe been sitting over there wondering what kind of engagement ring it is that i’m desirous of, and let me tell you, you have picked the perfect day for such an inquiry, because it’s very cloudy outside and I am bored and need to not work and waste time looking at engagement rings.

Let me share some prerequisite/backstory facts for you so that we can all be on the same page and smile and carry on happily together. One, I am interested in a non-diamond engagement ring. I don’t have any lofty concerns about the blood diamonds or the ridiculousness of the diamond trade, it’s just that I want something different and unique. I’m kind of going after the e-ring where people say “oh, that’s interesting” where here interesting means very strange, odd, uncharacteristic, and possibly ugly. If you think my ring is ugly, then you can just go away now, because I’m not interested in your criticism and hating on me. Just kidding, you can hate all you want. I’m thirty now, which means I can take criticism and intolerance from haters.

Anyway, enough about how I’m mature and such, instead of a diamond, I’m going after a sapphire. Why a sapphire, you ask? Why, let me pull out my handy powerpoint pres on why. Not really, but I have an interesting story to tell about sapphires as e-rings.

Back in the 13th century, the procedure of giving an engagement ring became more popular. The concept started by the Greeks (it was called a Betrothal ring, but it can kinda be thought of as “promise ring”) and then it was popularized by the Romans as a sign of intention to marriage. When Pope Innocent the III mandated that couples intending to marry have a requisite engagement period, people gave rings more freely to show they were planning on getting hitched.  A common stone given during this time was a sapphire– because people back then thought that the stone became a different color after the exchange, then it’d show that person was unfaithful or untrue.  It sounds crazy, but come on, up until the 19th century some people thought witches floated when tossed into water.

In the 14 -15th centuries, the wealthy of Europe consistently showed intention to marry with the use of engagement rings, with a few key stones used: the Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, and Sapphire– with sapphires favored the most because they symbolize eternal love and fidelity. In the 18th century, a French author wrote the story “Le Sapphire Merviellence,” about a magical color changing Sapphire.  The story was pretty famous, so a lot of people bought into the Sapphire craze and through the Victorian era, sapphires were the main primary stone for an engagement ring. Thanks to the Natural Sapphire Company for these compelling facts.

The symbolism and meaning of the sapphire (true love and constant fidelity) made me think it was a very special stone. That combined with the sapphire’s hardness made it an even more logical choice. When I first decided I wanted a sapphire, I wasn’t sure what color sapph. I wanted…they come in a great variety of stones, from blue to pink to yellow.

A favorite color sapphire, the Padparadscha Sapphire from Sri Lanka:

My favorite colors are green & yellow. I love yellow, it matches my disposition, and green is a color I go to a lot with design and as a balance effect. I think it’s beautiful. With a lot of soul searching, I decided I wanted a yellow sapphire. It’s a happy choice.

I’ll save more for later posts about the style & such that I’m looking for– just to keep you on the edge of your seat and full of suspense. Until then, tell me what you think of my awesome yellow sapphire choice.


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