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I am sick. It’s less than scintillating news so I’ll spare you the sad details, just that involves me feeling puny, a fever, and hot soup in my near future.

Yesterday was St. Patricks, and maybe a bit of the luck of the Irish wore off on me because FFI asked me if he could “see” my favorite blue ring. When I asked why, he said he wanted to know what my ring size was! Insert holy choirs of angels singing in heaven, as I did have that heart-fluttering omg moment where I wanted to squee around and act like a little girl. But i played it really cool (as I am) and tried to act like I was totally oblivious as to why he’d want this information. I don’t want any details, really, I prefer to be totally in the dark about it. Like, seriously.

So, if you ever find yourself in the same predicament, I suggest you check out Blue Nile’s handy-dandy ring sizer. I thought I was a size 7.5 but apparently I am not. Apparently, my extra large fingers hit around an 8.5 per the cut and paste accurate ring measuring paper. 8.5 seems super hefty and further conveys why I ought to get on the weight loss train but unfortunately I find cookies and beer way too awesome to get my act together. With this ring measuring thing looming ahead of me,  I ought to focus on losing a few pounds, but instead I’m sure i’ll drop a few dozen while I’m sick…right.

To adequately convey my happiness I  thought it apropos to google “happiest girl in the world” and check out images, and I found this one, which was kind of the best? Maybe?

This one just kind of makes me sad:

But this one, well, this one made me want to smile all day long, even with a fever & chills:

And for the follow up on the ring size, I don’t trust that paper that tells me my finger is super fat. I am going to verify my hefty finger condition at the local jeweler. I’ll wait til I’m better, promise.


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