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Before I get to a’postin, let me thank both Kris & Tabs for offers to join me in exercising and the insightful article on how drinking makes me thinner than my non drinking counterparts, respectively. And also let me apologize for missing a blog post like half the week last week. Life got busy.

In the interim (while I was lazy not posting), I was brainstorming ideas about cool ways to personalize¬† things at the IW. We can all agree that I like cocktails. So does FFI. I was thinking it might be kind of neat to have an infused liquor cocktail bar at our reception, maybe just at the cocktail hour– I have not totally decided this yet, as I have time on my side with this particular issue.¬† That part doesn’t really matter. The part that does is the fun infused liquor part.

My imaginary BFF, Martha Stewart, had an interesting post on the Infused Liquor trend along with recipes. Thanks, Martha. I like how the bottles are visually appealing:

Here’s the flavors: 1) Chamomile Gin (eww, because FFI and I do not like Gin), this may be good with something like vodka or rum; 2) Fennel Vodka (that would make for some interesting martinis) 3) Plum-Lemon-balm brandy (yum) 4)lemongrass Peach Sake. (Ohh, Martha, only you would think of this, and how I love you so for coming up with such brilliance), 5) Red Plum Grappa (grappa gets ya crunked, or so they claimed on Dirty, Sexy, Money, Anyone else watch that show before it was cancelled? It had Nate from Six Feet Under and some other peeps. Anyway.) 6) Lemon Verbena Vodka.( That sounds light & refreshing ) 7.) Lemon-Basil Raspberry Brandy (again, yum), 8. Beet Cucumber Vodka: NO comment.

I would probably not be so adventurous in some of my applications, with selections like coconut rum, ginger vodka, and pomegranate-lime vodka. I am sure FFI will prefer his whiskey unaltered, but we may come up with something fun for that as well. Maybe as a :surprise: to ffi.

I think that the infused bottles would look gorgeous along the bartop, along with assorted mixed glassware for serving the cocktails. We could work on individualized, unique accents for each drink– from adorable personalized swizzle sticks, or even something fun like this idea I found at the hostess blog— mums attached on swizzle sticks for a bright splash of color:

This cocktail is low-country lemonade, which is delicious. It’s basically lemonade with brandy, but we could add one of our infused brandies to this cocktail…yum. And it happens to be fairly close to my colors (more on that in another future post).

Soooo… thoughts: yes on infused liquors? is it worth the time and effort, or should I just get regular old hooch and come up with a signature cocktail. as always, I welcome your comments– and who knows, if you make one, I might send you a test bottle of something I infuse….


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