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Given that the holidays just passed and a whole lot of lucky ladies got engaged (yes, I am jealous, ok), I’ve been noticing that all of these recent-to-be-weds are sportin fancy manicures.  I even know one girl that prior to engagement did not ever care about her fingernails, but now is getting regular acryllic apps on her hands. I admire her selfless attention to beauty, however, as a person who has been burned by acryllics (I have gotten entire fingernails ripped off by getting my plastic nails stuck on stuff, along with my painful fear of drilling), I don’t think I could ever be so manicure prone post engagement.

Seeing as I’m sans ring, I guess that makes me lucky. I don’t have to plop down $20 for some manicure that I’ll be sure to ruin by the time I walk to my car and drive away. I just don’t have luck with colored fingernail polish. If I get them painted clear, I feel like I’ve just wasted money and time on a task I could have completed myself.  Also, my hands look like they are one bazillion years old anyway (thanks failed genetic code!). They are all fat fingers and wrinkly skin with not pretty fingernails. I’d show you a picture, but I’m afraid you’ll stop reading, and I have to save that risk for *after* I get a ring, right?

An image similar to my ugly hands, slightly exaggerated.

I’m dreading the “ring shot” pictures that girls do once they get engaged. I’ve already set a few personal ground rules, like how I should use a camera with a lens with a very low depth of field, so that the only thing in focus is the actual ring, and not my skank hands. I’ve also decided I’m too impovershed to get luxury manicures, so I’ll do them myself, with hard work and effort and lots and lots of buffing and clear nailpolish. I’ll set the goal of not biting my nails anymore (a nervous habit perfected in the hour to and fro work commute on the worst interstate known to man), and I’m honestly still kind of considering hiring a hand model for the professional ring shots. I don’t want to look back at those pictures and say, “damn, I’m so old!”

So anyway, I guess I’m kinda lucky that I’m not engaged, because I don’t have to worry about these things. Yet.


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