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So, remember the whole thing about mouths to feed? Yeah, I have them. While our guests may not be fancy, we are a bit on the fancy side. Our favorite food: french fusion/contemporary American gourmet food. Key to our heart: TOP CHEF. We love the Food Network and all it stands for. I believe that we could be classified as “foodies,” and we proudly admit that we like fresh, delicious, beautiful food. I also happen to like Taco Bell, but whatevs, we all have our weaknesses. Taco Bell is not going to cater our wedding, but imagine, if you will, that Taco Bell was catering a wedding. Righteous, right? I mean, that might be a great idea…

Anyway, our venue has recommended vendors for catering. You are required to use these vendors, and while they are delightful, we’re a bit bummed because we can’t use the vendor we wanted to use for our catering. But that’s cool, we have moved past that — especially since in the past 24 hours we’ve had to deal with the fact that our guest list is having babies and multiplying; that like, we are waiting on  photographers to write us back (I’m the epitome of the impatient bride), and our first choice church is already booked. Dudes, it’s over a year (438 days, but who’s counting)  in advance and everything is getting snatched up all crazy like. Sigh. Cry. Fit being thrown right here, in the privacy of my own couch, because I’m a baby.

Well, since TB is not an option and we’re into the fancy food, looks like we’re going to be opting for a fancy caterer. We kind of know who that would be, but we are still working through the reality of our PP guest price. We aren’t doing a sit down/plated & served meal (that, unfortunately, is way out of the budget), but we would like to do action stations and a lovely meal for guests that isn’t generic and boring. Ah, imagine what you could do with $20 pp and have Taco Bell cater…

When i think of an awesome reception, I think of great drinks, good fun, and good food. I think of cute little innovative cocktail munchies and delicious gastro-pleasant entrees. But now I’m worried about being able to have a wonderful meal on a very fixed budget. Arg. Maybe we will end up having crackers with spray on cheese as our appetizers, and then just a whole lot of mashed potatoes. Potatoes are cheap. We could make them fancy by having an assortment of potato accouterments, including but not limited to: artificial bacon bits, dried scallions, and more spray on cheese. Delicious! I can tell that you, dear reader, is already so excited about attending this wedding. If you are a potential guest, then I apologize. We will not have spray cheese and assorted mashed potatoes. Maybe. 😀


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