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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Oddly enough, St. Patricks is one of my favorite holidays. It ranks up there with Christmas and halloween.  This is partially due to great memories of being a kid and taken to a bar to order green sprite, with mom-drawn shamrock “tatoos” on my cheeks. We really made an event out of it, getting all dressed up in green and dripping with green jewlery; my mom would even doll up my sis and I in green glittery eyeshadow. It made you feel special, and green sprite tasted phenomenally more good than any other day.

Anyway, this post is not about st.patrick’s day, but is instead about the beauty and power of letterpress. I have a really strong love for the stuff, and as a result am pretty sure it’s going to blow my wedding invitation budget. One website I like to go and drool a lot at is Bella Figura:

These are amazingly killer awesome:

And i love the top of these…

This one would look awesome with yellow flowers, no?

I love the detail & flourish in this one:

Yummy, right? What I like about Bella Figura is that they do custom work, are eco-friendly, do three rounds of proofs, and they are so freaking talented. Downfall: letterpress is expensive, yo.  When I got done pricing some pieces + menus + envelopes I’d already crested the 3000 mark. Which, despite my true, true love for Letterpress, I cannot afford such prices. And that makes me sad. So, I’m going to go cry, then drink some green beer and cheer up, then cry some more once I remember how expensive these little darlings are. Oh well, right?

Edited to add: Tabs told me that Midtown Printing has letterpress (I had no idea of this and am  currently kicking myself violently) and that she got her invites printed there — I am 1) loving Tabitha right now, 2) so excited I could dance an Irish Gig. 3) feeling that letterpress is now totally a possibility, budget be damned!


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