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Last night, FFI and I were sitting on the deck, cooking dinner and enjoying the sunset. We were conversing about a myriad of things, most involving the I.W. (Imaginary Wedding) and how much it was going to cost. He said “come up with an ideal budget” and I told him said budget, to which he almost spit out his adult beverage in shock. My budget was not extreme, in fact, it’s the average: 30K. He has a huge, rambly, Catholic family. I have a less than massive family. We have friends. All together, we think our guest list will be in the upper 100s to early 200s range. That’s a lot of people. Too many people, in my opinion, but I’m just *full* of opinions, as you all know (and hopefully love!)

The guest list is another issue entirely. Whilst discussing the ins and outs of our guest list (and if our reception venue can handle the influx of happy revelers), we started talking about “who’s gonna do XYZ”. We’re both wedding industry pros, and it’s been an oft passed around joke that we’ll already know who to hire before our wedding day, and in some areas of planning, that is true. There are certain professionals we’d love to work with, and we have them on our short lists. But the flip side of the coin is that several of those professionals are personal friends, which makes it hard– do you ask them to be a part of your wedding by sharing in the celebration as a guest, or as a vendor.

Our issue is that we don’t want friends feeling shortchanged or like they have to work at our event. This is particularily true of the person we’d like to hire as our Month of Coordinator– we love this lady because she’s fabulous, has awesome attention to detail, and we know she’d rock as our main go -to person wedding month. But, she’s a friend of ours– and we’re worried that in asking her to wear a “pro” hat we’re going to end up making her feel like she’s not as valuable as a friend– a thing we most def. don’t want to do.

This produces the all-important question: when considering hiring friends as professionals for your wedding day, would it be odd ,or would it be lovely? Jury’s out on this one for us.


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