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I have lots of dreams about getting engaged.

Let me back up: I’m a very vivid dreamer. I often get so sucked into dreams that I think they are real, and upon time to awaken I’ll actually go back to sleep to continue on with the dream. My dreams are so realistic that occassionally, I think that what I dreampt actually happened (like the time I woke up angry at FFI because in my dream he had an affair). I experience poignant emotions and feel like the dreams are an extension of my waking self. This is sometimes cool, sometimes not cool. Depends on the dream.

I also have dreams that are a lot like deja vu: I dream things, they seem real, then a few weeks, months, years later the dream comes true. Or a piece of a dream. For instance, I dreampt about having FFI tell me on a staircase that he thought I was hilarious.  I dreampt it in 2004, and I even blogged about it on an old blog– saying I felt I dreamed of the guy I was destined to fall in love with and spend the rest of my life with. I’d not even met FFI yet– and in 2006, the dream came true. Same stairs. Same words. Cool, right?

Well, my prolific dreams have often segwayed into engagement dreams. In these dreams, I have fantastical visions of crazy ways that FFI and I get engaged. I’ve yet to dream of a band and elephants, but that could happen.  The strangest dream of late was getting engaged on a subway. We don’t even have  a subway in our fair city,  and I think maybe the subway went underwater in my dream. But anyway. Last night I dreampt the aftermath of our engagement, which was all kind of fuzzy but it involved wine and was very romantic. I kept staring at my finger, and the weird thing is I don’t even remember what the ring looked like in my dream. I do, however, remember crying a lot and being very emotional. I woke up at 5 am in that dream-cry state and had to face the strange coming-back-to reality moment when you realize that it was just a dream. Great dreams are just as hard to put down as a nightmare sometimes. I tried to go back to dreaming it but instead dreamed I got stuck on a cruise ship with that virus that makes you vomit a lot.

Anyway, those are my dreams.  Colorful, no?