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Gah, like when life gets too crazy to blog, you know that life is just tooo crazy. The day I wrote my last blog, with the teaser of “I’m engaged!”  was the day of the beginning of the historic Nashville flooding.  My heart goes out to every person touched by these floods, and you are all in my thoughts & prayers as our brave state marches to recovery.

The past few weeks have most definitely been a wonderful whirlwind. Getting engaged– oh, how lovely. I underestimated how time consuming the simple process of engagement is. First of all, you waste hours upon hours staring lovingly and with stars in your eyes at your ring. It’s an obsessive-compulsive thing. Driving: oy! see ring. It’s so shiny! It’s so distracting. Walking around– ring catches sunlight and is so sparkly. Ahhhh, it’s a beautiful kind of madness, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve lost a good 4-5 days of my life to time spent staring. In addition to stare time, there’s also the fact that you are going out, seeing people, celebrating your engagement. I thought it would be ideal to take at least a month off from wedding planning (After all, I had accomplished quite a bit in the pre-engagement stages) and now I’m like stuck at zero in planning. I am going to hold off for a few more weeks and not really resume until I have a wedding free weekend when I can spend a few quality hours with my planning workbook and be focused on coming up with some stuff.

I’ve also encountered the post-engagement frazzle of how nothing I previously had found dreamy (in terms of decor, etc) is really working for me now. I want to go and change everything, which is so terribly counter-productive but it seems like it’s a normal madding trait of engagement. I want to be focused and sold on the same things I was sold on before, but alas– I’m not. And then there’s the terrible little issue of the budget. It’s an amorphous blob floating around without form, shape, or definition. ARGG!

But, all that being said, I am now going to be back on track with the whole regular blogging thing. Like drinking 8 ounces of water a day and thinking about ways to improve my fitness in the next little over 365 days, I am going to be blogging my little newly engaged heart out. I hope you’ve not run off in frustration from my sad lack of posting 🙂

Ok, friends. More from me soon (and I really do mean it this time!)


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Ok, so I was gone for a lil while. Basically, I’ve been spazzing out since April 13, when I was ambushed to be on TLC’s  What Not to Wear. I got back from NYC yesterday with a new attitude and new lease on life, and I can’t wait to share the tale of my journey with you all. But the best thing about my very crazy and incredible week is that it culminated in the most wonderful and unexpected thing: A PROPOSAL!!!

I will be sure to relay the entire story with pictures and everything like that, because OMG comeon, you KNOW you want to read about it. Until then, this is the epic teasers of all teasers. I’m engaged, it’s my dream ring, and I have the BEST FIANCE IN THE WORLD. Period. Shouting it from the rooftops.

And I look freaking amazing too! Stacy and Clinton …xoxo. I am sooo happy right now.

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