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When it comes to our budget, one thing I failed to really mention is how painful it is work on. It’s not that I don’t value the cost of every single little nuance of our budget, I do, but it doesn’t make the heft of it hurt any less. I think the main reason that I find it most painful is that we refuse to go into debt over our wedding. I think that may be a lofty goal, but we’re determined to actually do that– as in not go into debt.

Being in the industry, we kind of know how much stuff costs. And while everybody says “weddings are expensive,” we also know that our friends & colleagues are charging prices that they need to charge to pay their bills, feed their families, and keep their lights on, etc– because it’s what we do for a living.  So, to clarify: we’re not balking over the cost of things, it’s just the bottom line that’s making us a bit…well, feeling the burn. The budget burn.

Like yesterday, I just wrote our prospective photographer (whoo-hoo, I danced around the room when I found out that he was available–will wait to post a tribute to my/our love for him once it’s a done deal), and I was looking over packages and I was like, we’ll I’d be crazy not to go with this package (even though I know that FFI is going to shoot me for wanting this package). This package is MORE than a year of car payments.  But it’s worth it. When I rate my priorities, this is how they fall:

– Photographer (gotta be awesome)

– Food & bev (uh, notice the above awesome theme…)

– Decor & Personalization (also, awesome)

– awesome entertainment & fun!

Everything else is kind of secondary. I want it to be a spectacular, wonderful, thrilling party that will go down as a wonderful, thrilling night. A night to remember, so to speak. What’s so wrong with that?

What’s wrong with it is the freaking budget. FFI is probably going to kill me (or break up with me, or not really ask me to marry him) because I’m putting him through hell over this wedding. I want to see statistics on how many people break up because of the stress of the wedding planning process. It’s all well and good when you’re theorizing about getting married. Everything is idealized and wonderful and sweet. It’s a ” one day, when we’re getting married…” and everything is rose colored glasses and  hypothetically great. And then, then you really start planning and you see that it’s really pricey, and you have to have discussions about guest counts, alcohol consumption, and prioritizing figures. Last night, my friend offered some really good advice– she said to look at each person as a figure. Each guest is costing XX dollars. Right now that number is kinda scary. Mostly because our guest list has gotten (somehow) to 211 people. That’s a lot of people.

So, readers, what do you think? Should I go ahead and embrace FFI’s cover charge idea or just deal with the fact that our nuptials are going to be epically expensive and that’s just how it is. OR, should I just go ahead and start whoring myself on the street. FFI could whore too, he’s pretty good looking…


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