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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

We knew that when we bought an old home that we would encounter issues in our renovation project. Especially since our house is 80 years old. This weekend, we spent tireless hours working on our varied around the house projects, finishing the living room painting job with its million coats of paint on plaster, putting the finishing touches on the bathroom ( cue the “Neverending Story”) theme music. It felt like we just kept getting crappy news all weekend. On Friday, my special order tiles for the fireplace came and the entire two boxes were broken and chipped. Postoned project number seven million. We got a call from the countertop people and learned it would be another two to three weeks without countertops…a constant struggle for me. I cooked dinner in the defunct kitchen with half working implements last night and felt entirely defeated and frustrated…it’s like this irrational feeling that if we did have countertops then somehow life would be better. I still can’t find anything in our in renovation home with piles of boxes, and when I sleep I either can’t breathe from my random I’m allergic to something but what allergies or the nightmares I have about weird things, like cabinets and the basement.
Anyway, I woke up angry. I was feeling mad and defeated and like nothing was going right. And then I spent an hour scrubbing the shower and tub because damnit, I was determined to take a bath today. And I did, and it was awesome. I felt so proud and happy and like yay, we have done something and this room is complete. Hurrah.
And then I get out of the bath and my husband tells me the tub is leaking or something because our basement is flooding. And I go down to help and after a few hours of digging in the mud and dirt we realize that the clay sewage pipe is cracked. And broken. And that if we use the bathroom, it’s going to come into the basement. Yeah.
My husband is beyond upset. He seems to think that we have bought a house that refuses to let us get ahead. I just think we are encountering the entire fun murphys law good times of home ownership. I don’t really know what we are going to do, because it appears to be an pricy thing to fix. But its one of those things you can’t just wait around on. And I guess it’s nice the terra-cotta pipes lasted bit longer than the 50 years they are supposed to, but we were kind of hoping on waiting on doing any more piping and plumber stuff after we already had to replace all the cast iron pipes inside the house. Sigh. And thus begets a new category on the blog entitled “the joys of home ownership” where “joys” really means “painful and expensive realities of owning your own home and making signing that mortgage check all the more enjoyable each month.” sorry for vent, dear readers, I just needed to get this off my chest


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