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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

When we first saw our house, I loved the fireplace to pieces, but wasn’t so in love with the mantle hearth– a glued on piece of marble that looked really dated and like a bad decision from 1970:

Don’t you love the sexy marble + fake wood logs?

I taped off the decorative pieces framing the fireplace and pulled out the fake logs, and then pulled up the marble piece. I revealed old door mats (??) taped with duck tape onto the existing white tile squares that must have come with the house. I painted the entire thing with a quote of Martha Stewart “Picket Fence”– we’re re-doing all the boards, trim, etc from “dingy gross off white” to “fresh + clean white” and there’s a layer of the gray I chose for doing the edges of the fireplace:

That tile is gross. I cleaned it repeatedly with my favorite all-purpose cleaner, Fantastik!! and I am currently breathing in moldy fumes of old. I digress…

I have a teeny, tiny budget for this project (Given my promise to stop hemorrhaging money on the house) and I had originally thought I wanted to do tile. But seeing the origianl tile (albeit not what I want at all) I’m all indecisive. I saw this via Apartment Therapy:

And then there’s the cool wood-grain tile:

or this pretty Yakarta Wenge tile I saw and loved:

But those both break the budget at over $16/sq

So, I went over to good ol’home

It’s not too fancy, but it’s got some nice colors to it. Then I came upon my old favorite, the hex tile:

at $5.55 a square, this is kinda a steal…

So I ordered it. I need about 11 square feet (Sadly, they come in boxes of 9 square feet, so I had to order two boxes, but thank goodness Home Depot takes returns) and while shopping found our tile backsplash for our kitchen at a much lower price than I’d expected, so that was good news, too!

The tile takes a few days to get here, so in the interim I’ll finish painting out the fireplace, break all the existing tile and get it out of there, and pick out the grout. I can’t wait t see how it all turns out. Stay tuned for part II


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