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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

In ever-increasing effort to prove my domestic goddess-ness, yesterday I solidified my path for becoming far more home-ecc. savvy and accomplished by doing a few key things. I kicked off the morning ordering a Sewing Machine, which shall be here tomorrow and I will then extole its amazingness, but basically I have always wanted a sewing machine, and at one point had one– a hand me down relic from the turn of the century 1900s that didn’t really work and I could sew better by hand– but I have never set about becoming highly skilled at using a sewing machine until I came to the full realization that textiles are expensive. Once you get done buying curtains, throw pillows, duvet covers, kitchen towels, etc etc you’ll spend a freaking fortune. Oh, and for those interested, I did go to IKEA and I spent boatloads of money that i should have put toward my emergency fund but instead bought joyful things at IKEA. So there, emergency fund. Didn’t really need you that much anyway.

So, moving on, I bought some stuff, and while at IKEA I had this whole Sewing Machine realization. I could buy a pillow for 14.99, or I could buy the fabric and make seventy million pillows for 14.99. Or something similar to that, because i’m not really great at math and who knows how many pillows I can really make, but in my mind I was a pillow making, quilting, sewing, embroidering goddess of skill and refinement. I was really highly accomplished in this vision I had, and so I began my thirsting need for a Sewing Machine.

After dwelling on it a few days, I decided to do some research and thus buy a Sewing Machine. The research I did told me not to buy the cheapest one because it would frustrate me and I’d cry a lot and never use it, so I bought the one that was beneath the awesometastic ones that basically have little men that come out and sew for you. I got the Singer “Stylist” Model:

Clearly, by that embelem you know I made a good decision as it’s a Consumers Digest Best Buy. Anyway, it can do like 100 different stitches and it’s programmable and the needle threads itself. I also purchased “Me and My Sewing Machine” — depicted below– which will tell me all there is to know about my Sewing Machine, along with easy things to sew. I’ll be saying stuff like ‘it’s sew easy” and “this is just sewtastic” in no time.

To conclude the day, I went out seeking recommendations for good cooking magazines that include crafts. I already knew Martha, and subscribe to her already, but I wanted some other recommendations. Thus far:

Cooks Illustrated: Recipes only, but the best from America’s Test Kitchen. I used to subscribe a few years ago but the rate is kind of high, however, given my new kitchen I think this may be a good splurge. I can highly recommend the online subscription– access to all the back issues, tips, and  tricks.

Everyday Food:  I had honestly never heard of this one, but checked it out last night and made a chicken dish from their “Dinner Tonight” section, which was really delicious. I’m going to hang out with it online some to see if I want to subscribe.

Eating Well  I used to have a gift subscription to Cooking Light (thanks Jess) that I loved, so now I just need to decide between these two.

I have a few others but I’ve not had a chance to peruse them yet, I will keep you updated. I just don’t want ONLY cooking– I want ideas about how to make my house more functional, how to make pillows, etc etc. I welcome your reccs!




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