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the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

Ahh, look, a wedding-related post. Sorta!

So, I did a boudoir session with the amazingly talented Kristyn Hogan, with my hair and makeups (and extentions) by the ever-so talented Amy Lynn Larwig. The result: hotness. To be honest, I would have never, ever, ever, ever had done a Boudoir session prior to What Not to Wear, but the amazing lack of clothing in various states of undress in umpteenth dressing rooms made me kind of lose my sensitivity over nekkidness, and to top it all off I’ve worked HARD to look the way I do, and while I’m not anorexic thin or really even THIN, I’m definitely better. Soo…

Now, saying all that doesn’t make it easier to post pictures of yourself all half naked in and in a state of flagrant, whore-like abandon, but I’ll try. I have some tips:

1. Get your hair and make up done (I also recommend this for wedding days) because you are going to want to look amazing and not worry about HOW you look the entire session. Get someone to help you feel uber-glam.

2. Have some alcohol. I drank a lot of frozen margaritas (thanks, Matt!) and unwound while my hair and makeup were done, and it really made me feel, errr…more frisky?

3. Bring lots of outfit options. That means having a lot of lingerie on hand. I got a lot at my shower (thanks friends, and I know that instead of writing this blog post I ought to be writing thank you notes, but I am a horrible person and lack manners and grace) and I bought more right before, in fear I “would not have enough”. There are still pieces I never wore, and i wore A LOT (an entire suitcase ahem ahem) on my honeymoon

4. Bring props. You will want to do stuff with your hands.

Ok, so here along with narrative… we started slow. I looked out a window and in between giggling, some pictures were taken. And as a disclaimer: all images copyright the lovely Kristyn Hogan, whom without her guidance, patience, and amazing photography skills, I’d have looked a whole lot less awesome)

Despite my obvious sexiness, this is so me:

We kept it fluid with lots of wardrobe changes. My hair was mostly extentions (and is now really blonde, so that is kinda strange) and I was wearing lee-press ons instead of real fakes, as i have THE WORLD’s SHORTEST NAILS IRL:


My photog had lots of ideas coming in with images she’d collected, I also had one of Michelle Trachtenburg looking into the mirror I wanted to re-create but I wasn’t quite as, err..and sexy as she is, so mine is not really the same, but different. Hers:


A friend of mine recc’d that I do some shirt pics, which I totally did and turned out great, but they are a bit too risque for the blog, even for me and my modern lady sensibilities. This next pic is my favorite picture of me, ever, and I wish I could like…put it on my website. But I can’t. For obvious reasons:

And another fave are just of the legs:

Most of my faves are those that have this really strong sexiness, but it’s just suggestive— which is just so seductive and part of the fun of Boudoir (oh, and fake eyelashes, WHAT)

I truly, truly, truly think that every woman ought to do a boudoir session. Regardless of if you are engaged, single, married, divorced… whatever…it’s such an amazingly empowered event. I had such a great time doing it, and it really gave me a kind of zen like feeling about the camera. I now absolutely love being photographed, which is so weird because for my ENTIRE LIFE i have hated having my picture taken, and to suddenly love it is weird. I think that I am going to do these every few years as a way to reconnect with myself, my inner sex kitten, and to give my husband one more reason to keep loving me 🙂  I think it’s important, in some odd way. If you’re on the fence about it, or if you kind of thought of doing it in passing, you should take the plunge and do it— it’s amazing, it’s fun, and when you look at the images you’re like “Damn, that’s me. And I’m pretty much the hotness”– and that’s the best feeling in the world.  And let me tell you— when my then-fiance and soon to be husband got my little “black book” gift on our wedding day, story is he pretty much flipped his top a little, and the picture of him looking at it is a lot like that kid in the Madonna Video for “Open Your Heart (to me)”. And that in its own way is kinda empowering, you know what I mean?



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