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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

We are going to IKEA this Saturday and I am so excited. I have been squirreling away a little budget for this trip, and I am going to share with you the things I want/need so that you can say “oh, yes, you must get these things!!” and help me convince the husband of said need.

I have a few main needs: the bedroom, some supplemental plates, and some basic decor items (new lamps, light fixtures, etc) curtains and textiles, and whatever else suits our fancy.

Our bedroom has become a bit of a priority: we have never had a headboard or footboard on our bed. We have hand-me down random furniture in our bedroom, certainly not a matched set. I had this big ol plan of refinishing all our bedroom furniture products, but the more I look at them the less they fit the feeling of the space. I decided I wanted to do our bedroom in shades of white, gray, and blue.  My inspiration is this image:

I just love everything about that, and it makes the room feel like a sanctuary.  We discovered this piece on Craigslist and I like it a lot:

And we went and picked it up last night, and it’s perfect. I love it so much I could cry about it a little, and we also got it for a great deal, which makes me even happier. I am not totally sure about our end tables— the ones we have are technically in the right shade of wood, but they just kind of don’t really match, but I think we can work with them for a little while until we figure out an alternative. I am just going to pick up some white sheer window curtains, but I think I might get these from World Market:

I’m dealing with the headboard/footboard thing a bit later on, as it seems kinda like an expense we don’t have the $$ for, and I really want to try my hand at upholstering my own headboard. I found this DIY tutorial that makes me feel like hey, I can do this! So I am going to try to, err, do it.

On the side table in that image, they did a cute little medley of decorative aspects, I am going to use a $5.99 ikea clock , a lamp shade with a slightly floral pattern, and some low vases along with some framed engagement pictures using the frames we used at our wedding for our signing bottle and “Yeager, June 10” calligraphied sign (I think I’m going to leave the “Yeager” in there. Here’s my Ikea clock & lampshade:

I found these fabrics and I’m going to use the white & gray varieties to make our throw pillows:

Another I liked:

For the floor, I picked out this $20 Gislev rug:

It will go in the front of the bed in our small walkway area we have right now.  I didn’t see anything I loved at Ikea in terms of bedding solutions, so those will be an “elsewhere” project (probably at West Elm, because I saw some pieces that would be perfect there).

I have lists for the rest of our items, so I’ll blog what we are thinking for those spaces and what we actually get. I am excited to share!


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