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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

Back in the day (read: 10 years ago) i had a really great yard sale skill where I was able to go and find amazing things (mainly in the china department) and started reselling my finds on websites like Replacements, LTD. I was pretty good at identifying china and great pieces, and making a killing off of them (well, ok, enough to pay my electric bill).  My main object of desire was Havilland China, as i was looking for this set. I found one full one that I gave as a gift to replace a set broken by movers. I wanted to find another set for myself but I only ended up with three plates:

Anyway, it’s called “Blue Garland” and if you ever see a piece of it floating about, you should buy it and send it to me. Kidding. Anyway, back to yard-saling. I figured these skills would be not unlike riding a bike: I’d be able to become a yard selling goddess with little to no provocation.

Enter last weekend. I made a list of like 10 places to hit with the intended needed items for the house. I realized pretty early on that we had to sell all our old stuff and aquire new things, because our former home was palatial compared to the new abode. I currently have a half-functioning living room because our living room is an odd size (11 ft wide and 17 ft long, with a fireplace and some big huge windows) As our house was built pre-tv set, it makes it so the entire space just feels stupid and awkward, and I’m often angry about it, because I can’t figure out a way to make it work. One of our staff members has a degree in Interior Design, and she came and helped me yesterday, and she affirmed the stupid and awkward assessment, and also confirmed that I needed all new furniture. As that is not so much the “plan” here, given my poverty stricken state (damn you wedding and house), I am all about making things a) work or b) yardsale, craigslist, or trash finds. I am not above diving in a dumpster, I guess, but the concept in theory seems far more doable than actually DOING IT. gross.

Anyway, so we went out with this list I made and the entire trip was pretty much a fail. The last place we went when we were enroute to Trader Joe’s (a surefire way to brighten up even the darkest of afternoons) was a place where they were basically having a massive moving sale, and I convinced my husband to buy this pretty much ghetto metal cabinet that I planned to turn into “the pantry” after a lot of cleaning and painting, because it’s “cool” and “retro” and “great” (these are all the words I said) and he said “it will be great in the basement or the garage with crap in it” and I told him he was a fool, a fool damnit! I gave the lady $50 and felt pretty proud of my find.

Fastforward to this week. I started painting the bastard, and it’s now on it’s 8th can of spray paint (and a pretty deep cleaning and sanding job) and it’s not done, nor does it look to HOPE to ever be done. Last night, Don said “well, that’s going to be great in the garage” and I felt all like the biggest failure known to man. It rained and I couldn’t finish it, and now it’s in the garage next to the other piece of furniture I hope/plan to refinish before the end of the month. I really guess I just thought I’d pick up on this plucky home renovation/diy/trading spaces chic thing way quicker. Instead, I seem to be limping by with a pile of fail projects. I’ve not even finished the bathroom, which is a state of lameness that extends BEYOND super lame to the LAMEST IN THE WORLD category.

Sigh. Domestic Goddess is hard.

That’s all for me now, I promise to come back with something uplifting next post. And for those of you dying to see wedding pics, I am also equally dying, but we won’t have them for awhile, so try to be patient 🙂


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