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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

So, we are officially “moved” in to our new house. I spent most of yesterday subway tiling the bathroom shower walls, and I feel pretty good about my progress. I’m about 1/4 of the way done, which seems pretty ok considering that  I hadn’t been feeling so good Saturday night-Monday morning, and I was really worried I was coming down with something post crazy whirlwind of life, but I think it was just my good old friend Exhaustion. My fears of illness prevented me from going to see my newest obsession, BFF Kristin’s little baby HAYDEN MARIE, who is the cutest ever, but I thought I had something like strep because I had an ulcer on my throat and I felt crappy. I now feel better but the ulcer is still there, and I feel perpetually tired. So, as a result I am simply not doing anything this afternoon other than blogging and looking up stuff to add to my Pinterest boards for my house. I am contemplating picking up where I left off on the tiling in a bit. It’s calling my name…

Living in our new house is in it’s own way blissful, but at the same time kind of stressful. I am honestly really disappointed in myself, because i had planned on painting the entire house before we moved in and at least getting things clean, but instead it’s unpainted, dirty, and crap is everywhere (not literal crap, thank God). The two rooms closest to completion are our kitchen and our bathroom— the kitchen appliances came in last Thursday, and they look really good. I think I picked out the hardware for the cabinets (dwelling on that a few days) and we are pretty set on our countertops. They are going to be Silestone in Stellar Snow (you can’t tell much by this pic, but they have little sparkles in them:)

My cabinets are Martha Stewart “Dunemere” in Picket Fence:

And we have a stainless steel apron front sink and all stainless appliances (and i love them). We haven’t finished the floor yet (we had to install a completely new wooden floor in the kitchen to replace the asbestos tile) , and I love it all PLAIN like it is, but it has to be finished. I started to dwell on this, and decided that i really am in love with the gray floor. I asked the husband and he said he “would die” so that is a no go.

Here’s a really similar to our kitchen sink pic (with gray floors!)

Here’s the pullies. I can’t decide if I like the above look (the double pulls on the larger drawers & single on the smaller) but we are doing the pulls on the exteriors of the cabinet doors. I think. It seems like such a major decision. I am going to take some pictures of what we decide post knobs/pulls so you can see what it looks like.

Well, back to pinteresting things for inspiration 🙂






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