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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

Well, here we go with before & after stage one: landscaping. Tis the time of year to get out there and actually accomplish landscaping tasks, so here’s a little show and tell of what we’ve accomplished thus far:

Here’s the front of the house before:

We had crazy holly bushes and bushes that had not been trimmed for a very long time…

Very clearly overrun with weeds

First, we trimmed. Trimmed up the overgrown holly trees that are at least 60 years old, and did some low-branch trimming on the red cedar. We pulled up and out some overgrown, ill-conditioned, and diseased bushes. Then, we planted shade-loving hosta, native ferns, and some cute groundcover:

We dug up concrete rounds from the backyard– our entire neighborhood has them– and they are from the Ready Mix concrete company and were used as testers for the strength of concrete. They’d give them away by the lot, apparently, so we reappropraited ours as garden edging:

Our trees pretty much cover the sun. Even with all the trimming we did, more is needed– but it’s just late in the season for trimming and I didn’t want to kill such old, established trees, so we let the shade work for us.

On the opposite side, we had one diseased shrub that had to go. I am trying to rehab the other one, so I left it in and while it looks a little rough now, I think with constant hedging and love, I may be able to save it. I added a hosta and some ivy to fill the space, and we’re going to add a windowbox where there’s a ledge built in soon.

In the backyard, we had more crazy bushes that needed trimming, another holly (so many holly trees!) and a redbud crippled with termites:

So, we cut the diseased redbud down and cut down the ancient holly that looked like a storm was going to take it out (and the back of our house). and cut out some bushes that were in bad condition:

We’re going to build a patio where the holly once was, but for now we have some potted herbs

I planted a rosebush, some hydrangea, and a viburnum.  We weren’t able to trim up that pepperberry well because a birds nest is in there with little eggs– and I didn’t want to hurt anything 🙂

So, landscaping is complete! Woohoo!!


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