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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

Recently, my wedding planning deliberations have become all the more scattered, and it seems that I have a million different ideas going on all at once. Yay! I love crazy kaleidoscope ideas. They make me feel kind of dizzy but hey, dizzy can be fun, right?…right?

Sooooo, hair. I’m torn between doing something that is a side chignon type thing or doing something that is intricate and crazy as an updo. I have ideas in my head for the latter, but whenever i google “Crazy awesome updos” I end up with a lot of strange images that are either crazy or awesome, but never really both.  I can’t find much to illustrate that category, but i think this one would fit:

These are the side chignon-type things I’ve found and saved:

I like the idea of making it be structural/architecturally interesting, sligthly messy, and still elegant…and I’m having issues with that.

I love how her hair looks almost like ribbon, but fear it could be too out there…

And this seems really pretty and beachy, but is almost too casual.

I like this too, but wonder if it’s too much curl action around the face.

Audrina’s hair inspired all this side bun stuff. I admittedly wear my hair to the side a lot nowadays, and I’m worried that my wedding hair will look too much like my regular, ordinary hair…is that even a valid concern?

I like this too, but I’m worried it’s too meh.

I feel like there’s all this hair pressure because i’m not doing a veil. I tried on quite a few and I couldn’t find anything that suited. Now I’m working on the idea of a cool hair fascinator. I don’t want to wear something that will totally obfuscate the hairdo I’ll have. Sigh, i maybe am overthinking this but I feel all this crazy pressure and indecision is giving me an ulcer. Thoughts? I guess the main issue at hand is that I don’t really get to do a trial run on my hair in Hawaii— I have to make all the decisions here and then pray some. And my control freak ways are really starting to trickle through…help me!


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