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Ever since I saw Martha use vintage postage stamps on wedding invites, I had a long-term goal to do the same for our wedding invites. Now that we’re only sending out like ten of them, it seemed like a feasible thing to actually do…and so I went about on the vintage postage search.

I really wanted to find something tropical & themeatic– even better if I could find vintage Hawaiian postage. A quick search on Etsy and voila…vintage hawaii postage stamps (I love Etsy!)

If you are looking for stamps, be sure to check out Etsyseller Treasure Fox:

While not related to my needs, here’s some other vintage postage in his shop that I loved:

Movie Stars!

Floral delight:

I’m also excited about the floral stamps coming out this May from the Post Office, “Garden of Love”

What are you doing for your postage?



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