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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

A long time ago, I remember saying to my (then) boyfriend that I never understood why couples that were knee-deep in wedding planning decide to add to their stress with the prospect of buying a house.  We started looking over a year ago, and have seen about 100 houses.  After months and months of fruitless searching, daily emails with MLS highlights and disappointing open houses, we kind of gave up. Wedding season was upon us, we were planning our own wedding, and it seemed logical to just..well, wait.

And then, the MLS report hit the inbox and in it was what appeared to be the most darling, perfect house. I saw it and since we were going out to look at a few other properties, I added it to the list– coincidentally, our realtor had never gotten the request. Yet, when we showed up to go on our tour of the selected properties, she said “I found one I added on there for you guys,” and it was the house.

We went to go see it: a sweet brick tudor in East Nashville:

We pulled in the drive and I was instantly in love. I went from zero to devoted in a matter of seconds, and when we walked in I felt like i’d come home. Now, I admit, the house needs a ton of work— and there were blaring “work” signs everywhere, from the mis-matched outlets, an old central vac system, pipes that have no water pressure and basically rusty water, and a kitchen that has never been updated. ever:

Add to it that the place is super dirty and in need of a good,loving scrubdown and lots of paint.  My fiance was less than in love– he saw the obsticles first, but I kept talking to it long after our first showing and convinced him to take a second look. After all, it had loads of potential. The cute living room:

And then it happened to him: he fell in love, too. And then we were stuck in a dilemma: what to do!? Do we make an offer on the house? Do we take the plunge? Can we do all the renovations before the wedding?!

Check out the bath– total renovation paradise…

So, we took the plunge and we made the offer— and after a week of waiting and a counter offer, we are now in the next stage: waiting for house inspections and our closing date on april 7.

Since my fiance’s dad does house flipping for his occupation, we have an amazing team already of renovation experts. And it’s been suddenly kicked into high gear as we start piecing together what we plan to do to the house. Our major needs involve redoing the kitchen and the bath before we move in, as well as an exterior paint job (I’m thinking gray) and a really nice paint job. We also have to refinish the hardwoods and figure out flooring for the kitchen…it’s a bit overwhelming, but we are excited.

I’ve been posting my design inspirations on pintrest in a board called “Dreaming of Cahal” and I think I’ll blog our progress if ya’ll are interested in reading. This isn’t so much an interior design blog, I know, but it’s become part of our wedding journey all the same so I think that might be fun to write about, especially all the nervous breakdown-y stuff that I think I’ll invariably encounter along the way…


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