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Now that it’s (holy S!) four months from my wedding, I thought perhaps I ought to get motivated to find some dresses for my bridesmaids. So far, I have one for sure (yay, go Jessica!) and maybe a second one (yay, sister!) but sis is still trying to find a magic money tree to make the trek to “The Isle of Gold and Diamonds” as I now affectionately call Hawaii (yes, it’s ok to bitch about how expensive the place you chose to wed is, and not at all hypocritical or insensitive to your guests. In fact, guests: I feel your pain, and I apologize that we decided to be married in paradise. Paradise, turns out, is expensive. But I’m on good authority that paradise is so, so, so worth it, so hang in there with me, and we can all go rob that bank together) That was a long parenthetical aside. Apologies.

Ok, so I digressed there a lot. Anyway, I have been looking for the dresses. I keep on going back and forth on what I want for my lovelies to wear. I am wearing ivory (clearly) with a deep charcoal colored sash. And I originally thought that my ladies should wear deep gray because a)gray is cool, and b) yellow bouquets look fabulous against gray.  But finding the perfect gray dress has proven quite challenging, and thusly here are the main contenders in my book.

Taffeta Amsale in Granite. I like the shape, I don’t like the shiny:

I like this Chiffon number in Charcoal (yay, right color!) and I like the how light and airy it is while still being feminine:

Another chiffon Amsale– similar feeling, but long and greecian and flowy:

Issues with these are that they might not end up being available in time (eek, 4 months) and they may be beyond an ideal price range for my ladies. I also don’t know if they feel too formal.

Now, the other day Kristin sent me a pic of some shoes from BHDLN that she thinks are perfect wedding shoes for me, and I must say, I agree…

Yummy yummy yellow, platform heels, bows….gah I love bows.

Those are the hotness. Anyway, so I fell on in love with those, and then I thought “I’ll look for some lady dresses here” and I happened upon this little gem:

The color is “Sunshine” and I really like this temp of yellow against my charcoal:

I honestly love everything about it, I’m just not sure that I want for the girls to be in yellow. I don’t know if it will be *too* yellow.


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