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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

So, my bff Kristin (matron of honor in honor, since she is expecting her first child with her hubs a mere month after my nuptials, and thus can’t travel) is oh-so-kindly throwing me a bridal shower here in lovely Nashvegas. The theme: lingerie party. I didn’t really have a need for pots, pans and houseware-y kind of things, and really, if there’s a better time in your life where you can feel free to get some lingerie, I don’t know it. I’ve always wanted to have lingerie, because seriously, it’s like dress up for big, grown up girls.

But looking for lingerie is hard. There’s a lot of tart-y stuff out there that I’d not want to be caught dead in (unless I was filming a porno) and I”ve seen lots and lots of that.

I’ve been looking for some cute stuff, and so far here’s my findings. I’ve noticed that I kind of err toward the totally retro look or a softer, more girlie-girl victorian/fancy look.

For the retro style, I found this site– Dollhouse Bettie— with fun pinup-girl style pieces.  They are a little pricy (in the $175 range) but they are really darling:

And a cute babydoll and thong set that is very vintage while still being classy:

and of course, no look is complete without stockings…

I continued to pursue the interwebs and found a few other retro-inspired pieces on a few other websites:

I like polka dots. And hairdryers…

I think that’s pretty but it’s kind of gothic, no?

That’s too cute for words, i like the bows

This bra is from bhdln and I love the bow. They have a matching panty that is really adorable. I can’t see this as being anything else other than lingerie you plan to wander around your house wearing, because that bow is kind of bulky.

My fiance has a serious thing for garter belts. He thinks they are the sexiest thing in the world, and this one from bhdln is pretty rockin’

I of course checked out Victoria’s Secret for their offerings, and I found a few things– like this white number that’s pretty cute

And that’s cute, too.

I realize in all this shopping online that obviously one needs adorable shoes to wear with each “outfit,” which makes lingerie shopping a bit cost-prohibitive. Stupid Lingerie. Why must looking lovely cost so much!?

Are you getting lingerie for your honeymoon? I thought it might be fun to have something different for every night, but that may be overly ambitious (and expensive). I have lots of lofty plans, clearly 🙂


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