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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

I have been working like a slave on our wedding save the dates & the wedding website. I originally thought it would be brilliant to make one of those cute little videos like the Geico commercials via Xtranormal.

I (no joke) spent about seventy million years on this project. I tried to make it as cool as possible, but in the end, it was just…well, lame. It was totally lame. I realized a few things: 1. I am not an animator, no matter how hard I try, 2. My character looks like a total princess slut, and 3) Who on earth has the patience to make a GOOD one of these videos?

Our video, in case you wanted to see it:

I got left with a dilemma: what to do about Save the Dates? I had to get on the ball (and I had already made a printed version for our Nashville wedding, which we totally ditched. They looked like this):

But since we are not doing that anymore, I had to come up with another idea. I originally thought I’d letterpress or gocco save the dates. But with a general lack of time, crazy schedules, and a lack of initiative (yeah, I suck) I decided to instead just make an e-save the date. Tacky? Maybe…but we have so few invitees that I figured it would be ok, and that emily post would not roll over too much in her grave. I also simplified our wedding website and went with one from Wedding Jojo (fab!) and the e-save the date came from — and they are running a special this month: free sign up. They have some cute stuff, and one that fit our overall aesthetic (yay!) so I went with it.

I feel relatively accomplished. I’m a bit disappointed with myself that I didn’t manage to actually get anything printed, but I truly hope that my guests don’t hate me for it…I promise to make it up to them with the invites.


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