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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

So, ladies. Poll; how many of you are waiting until your wedding night to consummate your relationship?  For future spouse & I, that ship has already sailed. But, I thought it might be…hmm, what is the right word…fun? to have a bit of a chastity challenge in the months leading up to our wedding. I know that some of you may be thinking “wow, that is crazysauce!” and perhaps it is, but I think it might be a cool thing to do.  What do you think? Is it unrealistic or even stupid to think that “waiting” for four months might be a good or even fun idea? If you’ve got experience in this department, feel free to shed a little light and even to email me. I’m interested in feedback!






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