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It’s officially official: we are getting married on June 10 in Hawaii! How awesome is that? I’ll go ahead and answer that one for you, it’s awesome. Only sacrifices include cutting our guest list from 200 to 20, the save the dates I made but never made (now, new save the dates are needed–woohoo!) the custom stamps I got but don’t need now (anyone else getting married on June 11 2011 with a yellow and gray motif?– hit me up!)

The benefits are numerous: less stress. Beautiful location. Small, intimate wedding. Beautiful location…wait, I said that, right? I feel like now I can finally start blogging in earnest our Hawaii wedding plans, so let the games begin!

Thank you to all of you that offered support both on and offline–it means more than you know. I don’t want to downplay at all that this was an impossibly hard decision for us both, and it took a lot of soul searching and introspection to come up with this course of action that was best for us– but that was the key: we had to do what was best for us, and that meant having the wedding that would make us the most happy. I’ve always dreamed of getting married on the beach, and I had thought that I’d have to let that dream die until my sweet fiance saw this place and said, “hey, I think we should get married in Hawaii…” and my…OUR…dreams are now coming true!

Check out this amazingly beautiful spot:

Yeah…total love. And, I am so going to have letterpress invitations now. Come on, who wouldn’t!


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