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So, yesterday I officially embarked on the doctor’s diet plan. I did a lot of soul searching, the should I, should I, should I….then marched right over to the office first thing and signed up. I had a battery of tests, after which I was given the medical green light and got sobering news: 900 calories a day was my starting calorie limitation, 100 carbs. Arg. 100 carbs? I think the coffees I was having every day had more than that.

I found my newest ally in this journey– The Calorie King Seriously the best website ( I also invested in the book so I can carry it around with me) and I’m waiting patiently for the android app so I can have the King in my purse digitally.  Everything you ever wanted to know (calorie wise) can be found on this site. It’s just insightful to know some of the things I once ate were like, a million billion calories.

No matter what though, 900 calories is intense. It’s very, very, very little calories. It’s hard. Yesterday, Future Hubbs and I went to the grocery store and lamented over the high cost of healthy eating (seriously– apples, wtf!? Like one is $1.89!!) and read every label of every little thing we invested in. He’s riding the healthy train along with me (but not 900 calories). We walked for an hour in the afternoon to earn back some calories for the day– previously, I’d exercised to look good, not to be able to eat 1 extra ounce of Tilapia. Which I had always hated until I ate it last night, and after a day of starvation boot camp, it tasted like the sweet ambrosia of the water.

As I type this (eating my midmorning snack of 39 golfish = 100 calories) I recall back to yesterdays initiation into the land of the will-be-healthy-and-relatively-thin, and how my nutritionist advised that I come up with a great reward. My first week goal is to shed 4.5 pounds, and if I reach the goal she said I ought to do something nice for myself that isn’t food related. I think I’m going to do a manicure. I used to bite my nails obsessively until April 30 (the day I got engaged) and I quit biting altogether. My nails are the longest they have ever been, and I think they deserve a little pampering. Besides, if I can’t buy a milkshake, or Starbucks, or, well…anything with calories for that matter, I think a manicure is a good thing.

Let me know if my diet journey is annoying. I’ll post about something else, I promise 😀


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