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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

Ok, so before the whole What Not to Wear experience, I was woefully clueless about makeup. Makeup, for me, consisted of powder & a lil bit of Chapstick. Stunning. When I got dressed up, I had the same makeup I’d had for approximately seventeen years, bequeathed to me by friends and family cleaning out their makeup drawers. I probably had about seven billion germs in there, ew. Anyway, I had some eye mascara, some white shimmery powder, and an eyeliner. I didn’t know what blush really was, and I had a tube of bright red lipstick I got to wear at an event I was helping future husband photograph. That was my makeup arsenal.

I just never had been super interested in the art of the makeup. It seemed like Cibola, the city of gold, far off and perhaps just a myth– mysterious and magical. I knew of the power of makeup, having seen countless girls pre and post on makeover shows or as a bride brilliant on her wedding day, but I just took that with a grain of salt. And the thing is that I had a mother that did not go to the grocery store without lipstick, and had really spent time illustrating the fine art of application & execution of the eyeliner, the eyeshadow, etc. I just wasn’t interested in wearing it myself.

As a result, I never had a good handle on purchasing or acquiring makeup. It was a lot like clothes. I’d take em if you gave them to me, but if I found something I liked or felt comfortable in (hello, brown sweaters of death)– I pretty much stuck to it. Hence old mascara and white eyeshadow for dressy affairs, and powder for the other days I felt like putting it on. Otherwise, pretty much barefaced to the world.

When I first had makeup professionally applied, I issued an exclamation of shock and awe– I looked like someone other than myself.  I kinda felt like I had a lot caked on (but I just wasn’t used to seeing myself in makeup) and I also kinda felt pretty fabulous. I held on to that feeling, and now I wear makeup every day. My only concern is that I’m getting just kinda attached and into a rut with what I currently wear.

So, I thought I’d share my current arsenal and see what you, dear readers, suggest. I want to branch out.

I got a lot of awesome makeup from the super cool  & uber beautiful Carmindy, makeup she designed & implemented in connection with Sally Hansen, and I love this stuff– it’s natural, it’s lovely. I use the stone & storm palatte. Storm highlight goes on the upper part of my eyelid, then the contour color in the stone palatte goes on the eyelid– it’s a pretty cool look.

Storm Palatte: I use the white one on the top of my eye, right beneath my browbone. I’ve used the other colors (a rich grey & lighter grey) but they don’t look right on my eyelid. It seems to bring out a yellow type of coloring.

The stone palatte’s contour shade is a nice rich espresso-y brown:

I line with a nice rich choc brown. This eyeliner pencil from Carmindy is fab– it doesn’t go ANYWHERE all day long!!

So that’s what I wear, but I have no idea what to branch out with. Ideas? Suggestions? Things I should stay away entirely from?



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