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I admit it, after trying on a ML with Chantilly lace I’ve become ever so slightly obsessed with the stuff. As round two (ding, ding, ding) of dress shopping looms ahead in mid-June, I’m kind of avoiding the focus of thinking about what I want dress wise and instead thinking of what I want veil wise. I know the two are kind of components in the grand scheme of things, but is it so crazy to think that I want to have a dress that matches the veil?

I’m a bit too fond of Toni Federici, in particular the Lauren veil It’s so soft and delicate.

Anything with chantilly lace is awesome in my opinion, like this classic mantilla lace veil– so vintagy, so romantic:

This is not chantilly (it’s Belgian Lace)  but I like the pretty delicate flowers:

And there’s nothing like a truly vintage veil:

I really like the idea of a custom, handmade veil. I discovered  this designer– Designs by Kristen, while in my veil search and I found this one that I totally love

what do you think? Is it silly to spend so much on a veil?


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