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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

Ok, so first off– do I have to download some app to be able to update my wordpress on FI’s ipad? I mean seriously. I can title a post but then I can’t do anything else. Help, please.

So, I have a confession to make: I hate talking on the phone. I’d rather email, text, see you in person, carrier pigeon you, send letters, etc etc than have a phone conversation. I think the reason is that in undergrad I was a receptionist at a very busy veterinary hospital. I worked some 40 hours a week and about 39.5 of that time was spent on the phone talking to people about their animals. Since then, I have hated any kind of phone conversation. I think it also may run in my family, because I am pretty sure that my grandmother also hates talking on the phone. Her conversations with everyone are super short and she plays this “tic tac toe” like game with her feet on her kitchen tiles as she talks. That’s so me. I’m busy distracting myself as we talk on the phone (just so you know, if you call me, I may only be half listening) because I am trying to swallow down the hatred for the device. Add to it that my phone, an android touch screen blah blah blah is good for EVERYTHING except talking. I am perpetually hanging up on callers, muting calls, putting people on speakerphone. It’s made me hate it even more. So, i Just don’t answer the thing when it rings.

You may be wondering how this has anything to do with weddings, but I’m getting to it– it does. So, I had to ask people about being in my wedding party.I had originally had this great plan to send them a cute little card or a video message or something, but yeah. That takes time, and I was on a very short supply on that. I saw one of my peeps in a dinner situation and i kind of just awkwardly blurted it out– like, hey, so I’ve got this thing, and I’m kinda of like, getting married, and so…. She said yes, thank God. For my sister, it was via text. She lives in Texas, we always text message, so this seemed suitable. She also said yes. Woo. 2 for 2. I almost called BM no.3 but I was tired and in a grouchy mood, so I wrote her an email with song lyrics of “won’t you be my bridesmaid.” I’m lucky that my friends & sister love me enough to say yes to being a bridesmaid and for putting up with my ridiculousness, because I mean come on— antisocial much?

I figure I’ll make it up to them somehow. I promise, ladies, to not do anything cheesy, ridiculous, or act too much the bridezilla.  I’ll be soooo nice, I promise.




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