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the renegade bride

the wild, wacky adventures of a bridal industry insider +newlywed + new homeowner and (in practice)renovation-maven. Whee!

I turn 31 on May 10. You may recall I had high hopes of being engaged by that date, but unfortunately that is probably not going to happen. I have weddings & events every weekend (so no fancy evening out on the town in near future) and there’s no blips on my ring-hunting radar. Obsessed much? Yes, yes I am. Thank you!

When I shared my deadline with FFI he shared with me that this ring of mine is going to not be ready for some time. He did let me know that it was designed & in PRODUCTION, but the design production stuff is pretty time consuming, so I guess I have FALL to look forward to. Sad day. But, I am learning to let go of this sadness and embrace positivity. We’re planning anyway, we booked a photographer, we have things in play for the big day… so I can be patient and wait on my darling ring to be officially engaged. I am so chill and cool with this, can’t you tell? I’m so mature.

Ladies, before you were engaged did you ever find yourself loving looking at your left ring finger with a bit of wistful longing, like “oh my, that finger is so empty. I wish I could bedazzle it to make it feel more full and lovely.” I do find myself doing that a lot. I know it’s “wishful thinking” but I like my wishful thinking. I am taking each day as it comes, and lately it’s been unexpectedly lovely so I can’t really complain about life. I can just face that in 26 days I won’t be officially engaged, and this is me, your dear and darling Renegade Bride, saying she’s cool with it.

Now, off to find a ring finger bedazzler. I’m maybe cool with it, but my that hand does look awfully empty.


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